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Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.


62 Women With Bone Density Tests

When I retired in 1989 I was following 100 patients. Not all of them would have a bone mineral density test every year. Insurance wasn't paying for it, I don't have the money to pay for it, there is not grant money here, the patients have to pay for it which cost about $125. The ones that were doing real well whose back aches went away, they knew by the second test that it was working they wouldn't bother with the second and third year to get the test. They didn't want to spend the money, they knew it was working. So I thought getting 62 of them done was pretty good. So out of the 62 that did have a regular bone mineral density test. Looking at their results you will see that after 3 years by and large they all improved. When you get up at the high ranges the improvement is essentially nil because the bone is already good, all it does is maintain the good bone. But those who had bad bone they had amazing improvement, some of them 20, 30%. But there are some who did not. This doesn't mean that the progesterone failed. This doesn't mean that the people didn't need progesterone. What it meant was that there was some other factor that they were also missing. It was probably diet. In one case it was a lady that was being given one of these histamine H2 blockers these things that cut out the acid in your stomach. She is 75 years old, she had had indigestion. .... She hadn't been my patient and she never mentioned about this and I didn't have enough sense to ask in those days and so we wasted a year or two trying to get her bones better on progesterone. Finally I said there has to be some other factor. ... So we took her off those medicines and gave her some bedine hydrochloride and told her to go down to the health food store and get some hydrochloric acid and take one or two of these with every meal (to help her digest her food). ... and since then she has gained up over 40% new bone. Isn't that amazing. Just that little hydrochloric acid problem.

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