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Russ Huntley "We have been taking BarleyLife for three weeks now, and the way it makes you feel is absolutely amazing!!!! If I didn’t know I was turning 60 this November, I would guess (based on how I feel) that I was under 20. I honestly have not had so much “natural” energy in my entire life. Trust me, I would not make such a statement unless it was absolutely true!!"

Pam Kemp - Takes 2 tablespoons of BarleyLife, 1 tablespoon of Just Carrots and 1 teaspoon of Redibeets at 5:30am. She notices much more energy throughout the day. Using the previous barley powder she would get hungry by 10:30am. Now she doesn't get hungry until after 1pm. She also use to take another tablespoon of barley powder around 3:30pm to perk her up. With BarleyLife she finds that extra tablespoon is not necessary as her energy level remains high.

Loren Schiele "With just three servings of AIM BarleyLife™, I could feel the difference. I noticed an increased sense of well-being, energy, and stamina. I just felt great! And I had already been using a barley juice powder for more than six years."

Toni Lund "In the short time that I have been using AIM BarleyLife™, I have noticed that I am able to accomplish more during the day because I have more energy. I am also thinking more clearly. And, joint pain has disappeared."

Jim Kling "To me, AIM BarleyLife™ is the answer to feeling like you want to feel- healthy and energetic, with no health problems, at my age, 75, when many people are having major health problems. AIM BarleyLife™ is the answer to living old gracefully."

Teresa Schumacher "I am excited about the new AIM BarleyLife. Since taking it, I have more energy, better digestion, and a feeling of well-being. I am 77 years young and AIM BarleyLife will help me live to be 100."

Harold H. shares; My neighbor, Bob B., is a Pharmacist with Wal*Mart and has been taking BarleyGreen for about two years. Bob is also a serious cyclist and rides 10+ miles every day to sustain a heart rate of 130/min. We upgraded him to BarleyLife two weeks ago and now he cannot get his heart rate over 120-125/min regardless of how steep the terrain. He has tried all possible terrain to get his heart rate up to 130/min but has not been able to since taking BarleyLife. The athletic performance potential with BarleyLife has to be significant.

Sandy Coombs shares; Our six-year-old lab-mix dog, Mac, had developed a tumor on his right elbow. The veterinarian wanted to do surgery to remove it as soon as possible. She was concerned that because of its size, she would have to remove too much skin which would make the healing very difficult. We were leaving for a week long vacation, so I asked her if we could wait until I got back. As soon as I returned, I made sure that Mac, 75 pounds, got ½ tsp. Of BarleyLife a day. He preferred to take it with some food. In less than 3 weeks, the tumor, which prior to the BarleyLife had split open and looked horrible, had shrunk down to nothing.

Many long term Barleygreen users are reporting that they have experienced detoxification as a result of BarleyLife use. Detoxification similar to what they experienced when they first used Barleygreen. This tells me that BarleyLife is substantially better.

A number of very good reports have come in by folks experiencing dramatic health benefits from the use of BarleyLife. We make no claims that BarleyLife does anything other than feed our cells. But when the body's cells get healthier folks will experience better health and better quality of Life. God is good! Loren

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barleylife, natural progesterone, digestive enzymes, american image marketing, colon cleansing, Hallelujah Diet, barleygreen

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