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AIM Barleygreen ® Green Juice

Barleygreen - Awesome green juice - More Information on BARLEYGREEN

Barleygreen offers a convenient and economical way to supplement the fruits and vegetables so often missing from our diets. Developed by world-renowned scientist and researcher, Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, Barleygreen is the only green juice product in the world backed by decades of product development plus more than 20 years of university research into its effectiveness. Because of this research and the unique, patented process used to create Barleygreen, it has long been the industry leader, used by more people than all the other green juice products combined.

Made from the juice of young barley leaves, Barleygreen contains a wide spectrum of nutrients, including more than a dozen vitamins as well as enzymes, amino acids, and chlorophyll. By simply mixing a teaspoon of Barleygreen in a glass of water or in your favorite juice, you can conveniently enjoy a nutritious "salad in a glass."

BarleyLife, organic, capsules, Xtra
See AIM BarleyLife for a substantially
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BarleyLife replaces Barleygreen
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