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Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

See New Bone - less osteoporosis at age 75
to read about this ladies initial osteoporosis improvement.

Cortisone Shot Stopped Bone Growth

     ...then she went into a time when her lumbar bones didn't increase in fact went down a little bit. So I called her... turns out her doctor had given her a cortisone shot that last for 3-4 months by itself. The doctor for some reason thought that would help her bones. And what it does is it competes with progesterone. Both the cortisone and progesterone want to attach to the same receptor site in the bone cell. If progesterone gets in there the message is make new bone, get to work, do what you are suppose to do. If cortisone gets in there the message is stop doing what you are suppose to do. And that is what happen. So the doctor got in there and messed her up for a year. And finally the husband says get the cortisone out of there and just use the progesterone. Since then they started monitoring the hip bone also and they are both improving at the same rate. The people at the hospital starting with the secretary and the radiology department are the ones who are getting interested. ....Then her radiologists gets interested, then the bone specialists who told her it couldn't possibly do anything, he is beginning to get interested, her husband is now using it in his practice, her son is using it in his practice. Just from one patient who is stubborn enough to do the right thing. And they have listed this as a 37.9 total increase in the 4 year time. And that means one third of the time they messed it up with the cortisone. Isn't that amazing. But look at how long it takes for this to be accepted. But don't get discouraged.

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