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Cystic Fibrosis
Overcome It

Cystic Fibrosis - Overcome it naturally

In this letter, Rita Wright shares how her grandson Thomas Parsons saw all symptoms from cystic fibrosis disappear after going on the Hallelujah Diet.

"Thomas Paul Parsons, Jr. was born on February 3, 1997. At birth, Thomas weighed 7 lbs. 3 oz and quickly grew to a healthy l3 lbs. Then, at the beginning of his 4th month, Thomas began to lose weight rapidly. Within 4 weeks, he went back down to 7 lbs. Thomas was taken to a local hospital where they could not diagnose the problem. He was then sent to Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, where he was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis. The disease has many symptoms and is life threatening. The secretions in a person with CF become very thick so the mucus in the lungs cannot drain.


This thick mucus causes bacteria to grow in the lungs, and the person usually gets pneumonia many, many times, while pneumonia is usually the cause of death .... As you can imagine, we all felt helpless.

We cried out to our Lord Jesus for healing. We knew the Lord would answer, we just did not know how or when. Thomas was on about 9 medications at 5 months old and continued to be sick for the next 17 months. During this period of time, Thomas was hospitalized 9 times. During these hospitalizations, Thomas was given antibiotics intravenously. His veins were very small and would collapse, and so they would put the I.V in various places--hands, feet, head, ankles, etc. This was a very painful procedure for this sick little boy. At 19 months, they decided to surgically place a tube into his stomach for feeding. Several times, Thomas got infection around the site of the tube and this meant more antibiotics. THE ANSWER CAME when Thomas reached the age of 22 months. It came through a good friend who shared with us the miracle of the Hallelujah Diet.


She explained that it had helped many people get well. She explained that a diet rich in raw fruits, vegetables, and fresh squeezed vegetable juices could make the difference. She also explained that this food feeds our cells, causing the new cells to become healthy and strengthen our DNA. We started Thomas on the Hallelujah Diet in December 1998 with GREAT SUCCESS! Since beginning the diet Thomas has not had any pneumonia, not even a cold. He now weighs 29 lbs. When Thomas has his quarterly check-ups at Johns Hopkins the doctors are amazed because Thomas no longer has the typical signs of a CIF child: he has no shortness of breath, no cough, and no thick secretions. Recent x-rays show that the scar tissue on his lungs, caused by the many pneumonias, IS COMPLETELY GONE! Thomas is now a healthy 3.5 year old who loves taking his vegetable juices and eating big healthy salads. Praise the Lord for answering our prayers. "

UPDATES: September 2004: Thomas does a vegan diet but not quite the hallelujah diet. We add grains, beans, rice, soy products etc. he also does carrot juice, and B12*. We started Tommy eating the at 18 months old. He takes BarleyLife and juice fresh carrots and beets. He has not had pneumonia since he was 18 months old. Thomas is now 7 years old and doing very well. He has not been ill at all but he is very thin. The only thing Johnshopkins complains about is his weight. At age 6 he weighed 36 lbs, now at age 7 he weighs 48.5 lbs. At age 7 we have also added organic chicken and Alaskan salmon to his diet. see Genesis 9:3

February 2010: Tommy turned 13 on Feb. 11. He still continues to do well, no hospitalizations since he was about 5. He is still thin (about 65 pounds) but so are his three siblings and all of his cousins. We are very blessed to have a child like him.

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