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Progesterone Restores
Brain Function In The Elderly

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

      In my research over the years, learning about progesterone I discovered brain cells concentrate progesterone and testosterone to levels 20 times higher than the blood carries. Now, brain cells wouldn't do this unless the progesterone or testosterone has some function in the brain cell. Why go to the work of drawing that progesterone in, holding it against an osmotic gradient, getting it through the cell membrane into the brain cell unless there is some progesterone also helps to reverse osteoporosisreason for it?

     So now I understood why some of my patients who gave this to their elder mothers and aunts who were in nursing homes, they gave it to them for their bones or because it's so wonderful for skin, it hydrates skin again, makes skin much better, these elderly women all became much more alert and aware. Women who were content to just to lie in bed all day and couldn't keep track of the conversation with their niece or whatever, after a week or so of being on progesterone they're up leading discussions on the headlines and the latest in book reviews.

     I had a doctor come all the way from South Hollow Brazil. He gave it to his 92 year old mother and his mother resumed being an intellectual giant again where before she had become a baby-like cripple, and he specializes in the care of the elderly. He came all the way up from South Hollow Brazil to a little town where I live Sabasco California to spend an afternoon talking to me about it. It helps brain function.

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