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Estrogen Advertising - What about Progesterone?

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

      Now there is a thing that bothers me about the advertising about estrogen - so I thought I would bring this up. In last weeks issue of the American Family Practice Journal (May 1997). It shows the premenopause hormone level and the post menopause hormone level. It shows estrone, the first estrogen your ovaries make in the process of making estrogens. You see it only drops about 35-40%, isn't that amazing. The typical doctor will tell you that when you go through menopause you loose your estrogen, right? Wrong. It just decreases a little bit. (Progesterone is the hormone that is lost.) The estradiol, decreases the most but that is fine because the estradiol is the one that is most sensitizing to breasts , the most likely to cause breast cancer. Estrone is less likely and you have plenty of estrone. You look at the series of graphs and where is progesterone? It isn't there! Why would they set up a graph of the important hormones in the changes at menopause and they don't even list progesterone? Your average doctor is never going to learn a thing about progesterone. Here in the Family Practice Magazine they supposedly do all the hormones that are affected by menopause and they don't include progesterone. So we have a real problem here, the typical sources of information for doctors is totally inadequate.

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