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Progesterone Helps use Fat for Energy

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

      Women were reporting that with the progesterone cream they could use up their body fat, their body fat was slimming down, they were able to turn body fat into energy. Estrogen on the other hand turns the food energy into body fat. That's why they give it to steers. You understand, they castrate the steers, put them in feed lots, feed them sorghum and give them estrogen. Steers you see, are sold by the pound. So the function of estrogen is to lard in a lot of fat in with the meat in a quick time, and also to retain water. By retaining water the weight goes up so you get more per pound when you kill the steer for meat. That's the function of estrogen, and that function is prevented when you take progesterone. Progesterone allows you to use the fat for energy.

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womens health, natural progesterone information, colon cleansing, Hallelujah Diet, God's Word on Health and more
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