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Acne & Male Pattern Baldness - Hair Loss

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

      The women were teaching me that those that had developed some acne and pimples like teenage boys get, here they were post-menopausal women, that their skin had all cleared up. The women showed me that where their hair had been thinning, they now had full, luxuriant hair again. .... The librarian, at the hospital, and I made a team and I would tell her, my patients are telling me progesterone is good for acne, how can this be. We would look up and find yes there were studies that in the absence of progesterone the adrenal gland has to make more of a male like hormone which creates male pattern baldness and also creates the acne. When you replace the progesterone then the adrenal gland doesn't have to make the male like hormone so therefor the affect goes away and then the acne goes away and eventually the hair comes back. Since hair grows slowly it can take 4-6 months to notice a difference.

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womens health, natural progesterone information, colon cleansing, Hallelujah Diet, God's Word on Health and more
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