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No Need for Government Control

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

      But then you look at all the things that are sold over the counter that are harmful. The non-steroid anti-inflammatorys - all the ibuprofen, the Motrin, all that stuff. It is well known to cause something like 24% of the hospital admissions for bleeding from the intestine. Lots of side effects. They are allowing all that to be sold over the counter. And these medications made to stop the stomach from making acid, these H2 blockers. It is going to be terrible, think of the food that is not being digested because of a lack of acid, it goes on the colon and it ferments into all these terrible products. It's going to increase the rate of cancer of the colon, going to increase the rate of osteoporosis just from the lack of calcium that can be absorbed. It is terrible and they are allowing that to be sold over the counter. And anti-histamines themselves, you combine a antihistamine with a glass of alcohol and you have a driver behind the wheel that is going to have an accident. It's crazy to allow all this.

     I can't understand how the same regulating agency would allow these to be sold over the counter and then worry about progesterone cream that has been out for 35 years or more and I doubt that there's any side effect recorded. And on top of that the progestins which doctors are using are not only less effective but their risks to the health are much worse. I know that in Australia and in England they made it a prescription only compound. Given the present state of intellectual knowledge that doctors have about it I think it would be a real step back. I think what the government ought to do is to force all doctors to attend 30 hours of continuing medical education, CME credits. ... I don't think that simply sending out a mailing to the doctors is going to do it. If you could encourage the government to have the doctors go through some education on this. But then who is going to give the education? The CME crediting for doctors, doctors are required to get 50 hours every two years. They have to be the accredited classes. ..It turns out that the AMA committee responsible for deciding which classes will receive CME credit is made up of people from the pharmaceutical industry. So you have a real fight on your hands. I am no politician, I don't know what to do, I think there should be a tremendous stink made about this somehow. Because they should be challenged to show that there is a need to change the regulation on it. But the information is there that progesterone is a very important hormone, that it can be safely replaced, that transdermal application is by far the superior delivery system and that all the alternatives are worse. I see no reason why any government action is needed at all.

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