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And a Little Progesterone
Was All I Needed

From Patricia Knowlton, CRNA

      As a nurse anesthetist, I know more about health and the side effects of drugs than the average patient, but six years ago, I blindly let my doctor put me on Premarin. While my original menopausal symptoms were alleviated, over the next few years I noticed that my response to emotional issues were more exaggerated. It culminated in November of 1999 when I started having suicidal thoughts. I knew Premarin was responsible, but I didn’t know what to do until I overheard someone talking about natural progesterone. On a whim, my husband bought me The Estrogen Alternative by Raquel Martin, which I devoured in two days, followed by Dr. John Lee’s What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause. I was excited, but I wanted one more opinion.

      Years ago, I worked at Maine Medical Center with Christiane Northrup, MD, the renown ob/gyn and author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. I had the utmost respect for her and I bought her book. To my amazement, she has been prescribing natural progesterone for years! So, I tried it and after a week on natural progesterone, I was a new person! The fact that natural progesterone would also increase my bone mineral density, decrease my risk of breast cancer and cardiovascular disease was almost an afterthought! My husband, a dentist and chiropractic physician, was so delighted that he began to research natural progesterone on the Internet in order that he could pass it on to his patients. And now he makes sure HE gets his "dab a day" too!

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womens health, natural progesterone information, colon cleansing, Hallelujah Diet, God's Word on Health and more
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