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AIM Proancynol 2000

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Every time you breathe, you put your health at risk. That's because each time you breathe, you take in 60 million oxygen molecules. These molecules are essential for life, but they are also destructive, causing the breakdown of tissues throughout your body. How can this substance that is absolutely essential for life also be detrimental to our health?

A certain percentage of all oxygen molecules are some of nature's most potent free radicals, electrically unstable molecules that try to attach themselves to anything they contact. As these free radicals steal from other molecules, they wreak havoc.

AIM Proancynol contains some of the most powerful natural antioxidants ever discovered. Like the antioxidants in citrus fruits and other natural sources, the antioxidants in Proancynol are flavonoids. These flavonoids, derived from extracts of green tea, pine bark, and grape seeds, can help protect your body from the harmful effects of free radicals in the environment around us.

Proancynol is available in 60-capsule bottles.

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