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Progesterone Cream Is Very Well Absorbed - Absolute Proof

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

      Bruno de Lignières, M.D. is a doctor in France who has been studying progesterone cream for over 30 years. He has been writing these articles for the European literature, how good it is for breasts. How his patients with swollen cystic breasts get well, like Natural Progesterone works great!. my patients do. I didn't know about him until about 1995 when I was in England and someone had some references from him. And here comes this beautiful study, I think it was in the summer of 1995, a study in which Bruno de Lignières is listed as one of the major authors. His problem was that the doctors in France, his colleagues, said Bruno how to you know it is absorbed through the skin? How do you know it gets to the breast? How do you know it changes anything in the breast? Science didn't exist to answer those questions.

     Then he met up with Dr Chang and some others and what they did , they went to healthy young premenopausal women who were going to have some benign breast surgery. And they divided them into 4 groups. One group used a placebo cream, just the cream with nothing in it. The next group they used a cream with a little progesterone in it, 20mg of progesterone per day was all they would get and only for 8-10 days. The next group was estradiol and the fourth was going to be half progesterone and half estradiol. Pretty nice. Randomized, double blind, placebo controlled, in vivo - in real live women! Not in rats, not in mice, not in guinea pigs, not in cell cultures, not imaginary, not on a computer - on real people. They were to have the creams for 8-10 days then were going to have their biopsy and then the doctors were going to check to see what happened to the progesterone and estrogen content of the breast. They did it during the first 8 days of the monthly cycle when the normal levels of the hormones are very low. The group that took the progesterone cream increased the progesterone content of the breast by 100 fold. Proving that it gets through the skin, through the blood stream, through the breast tissue, and it's there just as if the ovary had made it.

     This is guaranteed, absolute proof there is no doubt that it is very well absorbed. The estradiol increased by 100 fold too. And here they thought there were giving a tiny dose, and it raised the breast content of estradiol by 100 times and the ones that got half the dose had half the amount. These hormones are slightly smaller than a cholesterol molecule. They're fat soluble, they have the right sort of electromagnetic charge, they pass through skin, get picked up by the fat underneath, it gets into the blood stream, it rides around on the red blood cells. By the blood. What part of the blood? On the good old red blood cells and the calimicrons but not in the watery plasma because fat and water don't mix.

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