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      The general health of girls between the ages of nine and thirteen can be adversely affected by low estrogen levels. When females start to menstruate they often experience emotional outbursts, erratic behavior, excessive talking or non-communicative, sporadic irritability, obsessive eating of sweets, and generally non-cooperative. It is important that that a good diet is maintained. One with plenty of raw organic vegetables is preferred. A good calcium and magnesium supplement (from plant sources - not clam shells) can be helpful. The use of natural progesterone has been seen to alleviate most of the symptoms with a high level of wellness with few or no PMS complaints. (Among other things progesterone is used by the body in the creation of estrogen and also sensitizes estrogen receptors consequentially increasing natural estrogen levels.)

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womens health, natural progesterone information, colon cleansing, Hallelujah Diet, God's Word on Health and more
Womens Health Info - Women's Health Forum
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