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Breast Cancer
Progesterone Protects Against it

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

      Breast cancer. Does estrogen increase the risk of breast cancer? These doctors will tell you "well we're not sure, we need more studies and everything"....

     Another test Dr de Lignières and Dr Chang did was to measure the rate at which breast cells were multiplying. The breast cells they choose were the milk duct cells, these are the cells where cancer originates in breasts. And breast cancer can be preventedremember, a cancer cell differs from a normal cell only two ways. One is it is multiplying faster and number two is it hasn't differentiated and become developed into the full mature cell that it is suppose to. So those two things are lack of differentiation and more rapid turn over–the cells multiply. With a controlled test Estradiol raised the cell proliferation rate over 200%, progesterone with estradiol brought it back to normal. The ones with progesterone only, lowered the proliferation rate by 400%. Isn't that amazing! What the authors concluded was what they have shown is that estrogen is truly a stimulant of breast cancer and progesterone is a protector of breast cancer.

     Johns Hopkins University, not a fly-by-night organization, did a 20 year study, was published in 1983 in the American Journal of Epidemiology and they showed that those women who had good progesterone levels had less than a 5th of the amount of breast cancer and less than a 10th of all the cancers that occurred in women who were low in progesterone. This would suggest that having a normal level of progesterone protected women from nine-tenths of all cancers that might otherwise have occurred!

     Another test was reported in the British Journal of Cancer and financed by a royal grant for cancer. Back in 1975 Dr Mohr went to the top 3 hospitals in London and said every time you do breast surgery on a women with breast cancer we want you to measure her progesterone level and estrogen level. They did that for 20 years. Then they looked up the survival rate of those who had had at least 18 years since their surgery. The survival rate of those whose progesterone levels were just below normal, not bad but just below normal, was 35-36 percent. The survival rate of those who had normal levels was 68-70 percent.which is obviously 100% better, just by knowing the progesterone level on the day of surgery 18 years before. The survival rate 18 years later is 100% better! There is no doubt! And estrogen had nothing to do with this. If they had continued and followed along and when they found the progesterone begin to drop and they could give progesterone you know what the line would show? No deaths do to breast cancer. I started in 1978, it has now been 18 years, there were hundreds of people in my practice, they've all been on progesterone for 18 years and not one of them to my knowledge has died from breast cancer. And the first three years consisted only of patients who couldn't take the estrogen because they had a previous history of breast cancer or cancer of the uterus. And these are the ones that I've followed the longest. The rest were people who I said why not give it to everybody and so I did.

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