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The Real Thing

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

      Now I use the word "natural". Had I to do it over again I might use a different word like "real". Because I have gotten in trouble using the word natural. Natural to me means that it's natural to the human body. It's the natural progesterone. Natural Progesterone is great stuff! Everything else is not natural to humans. But unfortunately since the source of it, it is made using a synthesis process by chemistry from fats and oils in plants. People think that because the original source is plants that somehow it is in the plants or it is natural in the plant. No, that isn't the meaning at all. Back in the 30's when progesterone had been worked out, they knew what it did, it was necessary for pregnancy to survive, that when one ovary made the egg it would start manufacturing the progesterone, and that progesterone would stop the other ovary from making a second egg so that's why generally women have single births rather than twins and only one out of every 300 months do the ovary ovulate eggs at the same time and then you have fraternal twins. The idea came to people that if we could put it into the body ahead of time we could use it as a birth control device. So that was the reason for the search. They hired a scientist to find a source for progesterone. ..... In the 1930's Dr Russell E Marker was searching through plants in central America that were known to have some estrogen like effect. In the sarsaparilla plant he found a fat that was very close to cholesterol, kind of half way on the way to progesterone so he devised a series of chemistry steps, 3 steps I think it was, and he ended up with real progesterone. But then he discovered that there wasn't enough sarsaparilla beans. So then he tried the Mexican wild yam, which is a very large tuber, that grows in the ground - it's like a great big squash, blackish greenish squash and it's very greasy and bland in tasting because it has all these fats and oils. Very nice for the scientist, the fats and oils are very similar to cholesterol. The scientist never could figure out how to make the progesterone from the cholesterol, only the human body can do that and we do it with the mitochondria. But this was a molecule that was close and Dr Russell E Marker figured out how to do that. When he died in February of 1995 the New York Times said ... the thing he will be remembered for is back in 1930 he showed the world how to make real honest to God human natural progesterone from the fats and oils of plants. So I hope you all know now that it is not in the plant. There are no plants that make our hormones. It was a discovery in the 30's that you could take the fats and oils in plants and they could be converted into the hormone which is identical to ours. So it is real honest to God natural progesterone.

      Science starts with diosgenin (from the wild yam or soy), with 3 chemical steps we have progesterone, and it is the same progesterone that we make. It is not synthetic, it has been synthesized as we synthesize. We synthesize hair, we synthesize skin, we synthesize toe nails, we synthesize progesterone, we synthesize thyroid. That means we do not have to eat it from some other source, we can make it ourselves from other parts. That is all that synthesize means. We make it from parts. You don't have to eat hair, you don't have to eat toe nails and eye balls and things like that and teeth. Your body makes it. It so happens that some scientists figured out how to make progesterone. Synthesize it. Identical to ours. So I hope that clears up that confusion.

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