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Progesterone Protects Against Coronary Spasms - Post-Menopausal Heart Attacks

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

      This is also from the American Family Physician. The number one cause of death is cardiovascular disease, number two is cancer and so forth. But the biggie is cardiovascular disease. Now this is brand-new news, just published in 1997. The University of Oregon has a primate research center. Over the years they have developed the ability to do angiograms on Rhesus monkeys. Angiograms that actually show the coronary arteries of Rhesus monkeys. They were able to show that, like humans, those Rhesus monkeys coronary arteries can go into spasms once in a while and they showed that they could trigger these spasms. During stressful situations it is very likely that your coronary arteries will temporarily go into spasm. But then they will relent. It doesn't kill you every time that happens. The pig heart has been the animal model used by the medical profession, conventional medicine, for 30-40 years. The pig heart has coronary arteries that will not go into spasms. The pig doesn't care. So his arteries stay wide open no matter what. But the Rhesus monkey has arteries that will go into spasm. Now what is the point of all of this? There has been an increase in the rate of women dying from heart attacks after menopause. Prior to menopause it is almost impossible to kill a women with a heart attack. A study of 2000 deaths of women prior to menopause, in Kings county in the state of Washington found not one of them had died from a heart attack. But within 5-10 years the rate of dying from heart attack begins to be the same in women as it is for men. A big change occurs. The other thing is when you do the autopsy on the hearts and look at the coronary arteries they're not clogged up with cholesterol like the men's hearts are. The men's hearts will have 90-95% clogging up from a cholesterol plaque. On women it might be 30 to at most 50% clogged. And a 50% clog is not going to kill you! And yet they die. So the question is what is it about the arteries that can kill a women even though they are only 50% clogged. The answer is they can go into spasm, and when they go into spasm 50% blockage becomes 100% blockage. So they used the Rhesus monkeys and see if they could find out what makes them go into spasm sufficient to kill them. So they first made the monkeys menopausal by removing the ovaries (otherwise monkeys won't become menopausal) then he got the angiogram going and he stimulated a spasm. And he did it on monkeys that he had medicated with estrogen and provera. Provera is the most common non-progesterone product that doctors are giving to women under the delusion that they are giving them progesterone. It is a progesterone like product but it really doesn't do what progesterone does and it has a whole bunch of side effects. So they gave this to the monkeys in doses equivalent to what women would make for their size. They caused the arteries to go into spasm and the spasm would not relent. After fifteen minutes as the monkeys were about to die, they had to use a counter acting drug to cause the arteries to dilate to save the monkeys. So then they took six more monkeys and removed their ovaries and did the same thing but instead of using Provera they used real progesterone. And then they tried to stimulate the arteries to go into spasm. They couldn't do it! The arteries stayed wide open, the hearts were well profused, monkeys didn't turn a hair, healthy as could be. And the Provera would have killed every monkey that they gave it to. But progesterone protected against coronary artery spasm. That was good!

     Guess what conventional medicine said? Ah, but they are only monkeys. Here they were using pigs where the arteries won't even go into spasms. Or using mice and rats, and here are monkeys that work just like human hearts and they said, oh they're monkeys and are not humans. They didn't know that Dr Collins, in London at the London Institute of Heart and Lung Research, was doing the same test on real women. He did a treadmill electrocardiogram test with postmenopausal women before they went on any hormone. That measures how well the blood is getting to the heart muscle, how their profusion is of the heart and he could see how long they could go on the treadmill before it showed any change in the cardiogram. Then he put them on estrogen and provera for three months, had them come back and do the same tests. He found they couldn't do the treadmill very long before the heart showed lots of ischemia. The blood wasn't getting through the coronary arteries. This was been published in the American Annals of Cardiology and reported to the annual meeting of Cardiologists in Massachusetts in spring of 1997. He put these same women on estrogen and real progesterone and their hearts are back to normal again. He's done the same test on real humans, and he shows that with Provera is a serious risk of coronary artery constriction and spasm and dying from a heart attack. Whereas progesterone is to protect it. And the scientists in all groups went to their homes and threw out all the provera and put their women on real progesterone in a cream just as I have always been recommending of 15-20mg per day. And one of them wrote me, Dr Hermsmire from Oregon , said that if it weren't for your book we would not have thought of testing provera against real progesterone.

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