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The chiIdren you see here suffered a severe reaction to a routine DPT (diphtheria. pertussis, tetanus), MMR (measles, mumps. rubella), or OPV (oral polio) vaccine. They are only a few of the thousands of children who have died or been left with medication resistant seizure disorders, mental retardation, physical handicaps, learning disabilities or other chronic illnesses after a reaction to a routine vaccination.

From left to right as pictured above

Chris - Christopher died 21 hours after receiving his 1st DPT & OPV vaccinations at two months of age.

Ashley - Within 72 hours of her 4th DPT and OPV and HIB Ashley was hospitalized with kidney failure and encephalitis. Because of these vaccinations Ashley is severely mentally and physically handicapped.

Richell - Within 10 hours of 3rd DPT and OPV Richell suffered a grand mal seizure. She is now severely mentally and physically handicapped.

Kimber - Within 3 hours of 1st DPT and OPV Kimberly suffered 103 degree fever, high pitched screaming and convulsions. Kimberlie died 2 years later.

Josh - Within 6 hours of 3rd DPT and OPV, at an age of 6 months, Josh suffered high pitched screaming, a 101 degree fever followed by a one hour grand mal seizure. Josh is moderate to severely mentally retarded and severely language delayed.

Anna - Within 2 days of her 1st MMR at an age of 15 months Anna began limping. Within 6 weeks she was totally paralyzed. At age 3 Anna could not walk independently or talk and was severely handicapped and language delayed.

Matthew - Within 26 hours of 1st DPT and OPV and after projectile vomiting, staring, and behavior change Matthew died.

Sean - Within 3 hours of 3rd DPT and OPV at 8 months old Sean suffered swelling, high pitched screaming, projectile vomiting, diarrhea, and behavior change. Sean has learning disability with severe motor damage.


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