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Reports of Nutritional Benefits

150 Reports of Nutritional Benefits

Even though thousands of people have experienced outstanding results worldwide using nutrition to overcome sickness and disease, federal regulations in both the United States and Canada strictly prohibit making any claims that foods are used in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease. We make no claims here we only present you with recorded reports. PLEASE NOTE: Reports such as these are considered hearsay by the scientific community and may not be repeatable. Reports like these have been the cause of barley leaf extract research. The reports below are presented to possibly encourage additonal research and as an information source to those interested in the possibilites of nutrition with respect to improving ones health.

Barley juice is not a drug or medicine, it is vegetable juice. The healings reported here, may have occurred when body cells received needed nutrition. When body cells become healthier our bodies function better.

See end of this page for references and disclaimers, H.D. = Hallelujah Diet, n.n.= (no name) and represents the brand of barley juice used.
Abdominal Pain A woman with severe abdominal pain for 4 years. 20 doctors could not help her, the H.D. did. 3
Acid Stomach An acid stomach was improved 100%, stomach medication is no longer needed. Noticeable improvement after only a few days of n.n.. 2
Alcoholism Headaches gone after 3 weeks of n.n., mental attitude greatly improved 2
Allergies Flight attendants chronic sinusitis, headaches, runny nose, sore throat and swollen glands stopped. After 4 weeks of n.n. medication was no longer needed. 2
Allergies Sinus problems, hay fever and allergies gone after one jar of n.n.. 2
Alzheimer's Disease Woman with Alzheimer's Disease can get up from chair by her self again. She also is sleeping better at night since using n.n. 2
Anemia After 2 months of n.n. no more dizziness and complexion improved 1
Arthritis Pain in knees gone within 7 days of n.n. usage. 2
Arthritis Pain from arthritis was relieved with first teaspoon of n.n. 2
Arthritis Woman suffering from three types of arthritis was bound to wheelchair. After 3 days of 3 teaspoons of n.n. a day she was out of the chair without even a walker. 2
Arthritis The drugs motrin, feldene and naprosyn did not help. After one teaspoon of n.n. the pain in both hands decreased. 2
Arthritis Swelling is down, hand joints don't hurt anymore when bumping things because of n.n.. 2
Arthritis Pain from arthritis is gone and a little finger that was stuck for 2 years is moving again after 6 months of n.n.. 2
Arthritis After 6 years of almost unbearable pain one year of n.n. usage has eliminated almost all arthritic pain. 2
Arthritis, Psoriatic A woman with inflammation, pain, and deformity of the joints had tried Atarax, Cytotec, Darvocet, Flexeril, Lidex, Medrol (a steroid), Motrin, Plaquenil, and Voltaren. Within one month of n.n. she was off the drugs, free from pain and the psoriasis was almost gone. 4
Arthritis Rhonda Malkmus had severe debilitating arthritis in nearly every body joint, couldn't walk without pain, need assistance to get up. Upon starting H.D. the pain decreased almost immediately. Within two years all pain was totally gone, and 80 pounds of excess weight was lost . 3
Arthritis Back Pain Relieved pain with n.n. twice a day 2
Arthritis of the spine This severe conditions has improved with 9 months of one teaspoon of n.n. a day. Other supplements were also taken. 2
Asthma Girls asthma reduced after one month and almost totally gone after 6 months of n.n. (age 17) 1
Asthma 4-year old boy stopped coughing every night after taking n.n.. Asthma is greatly improved. 2
Asthma After fighting asthma for 8 years with nothing helping girl recovered dramatically within one week with n.n.. Even strenuous exercise did not slow her down. 2
Asthma A grandmother reported a tremendous increase in energy after 10 weeks of n.n.. Her granddaughter had dramatic improvement with asthma. 2
Asthma and Allergies 8-year old boy's coughing stopped within 7 weeks of using n.n.. Medication was also reduced by 1/3. 2
Bleeding Gums Gums stopped bleeding with usage of n.n.. 2
Bleeding Gums Gums use to bleed when brushed. With n.n. gum bleeding has stopped. 2
Bleeding Gums After one week of the H.D. bleeding gums cleared up. 3
Bleeding Gums Numerous cases of bleeding gums healed with the use of n.n.. 2
Blood Pressure A mans blood pressure improved with n.n. use. 2
Blood Pressure A 67 year ladies blood pressure decreased from 165/75 to 119/72 in 5 weeks of n.n. usage. 2
Blood Pressure Blood pressure dropped a lot with 2 months of n.n.. 2
Blood Pressure After two months of n.n. a mans blood pressure decrease from 160/130 to 128/74. 2
Burns After burning both hand in hot water a n.n. paste was made and applied to one hand something else to the other. The next day the n.n. hand was like new, the other hand took over a week to heal. 2
Bursitis Doctor has seen improvement in patients bursitis with n.n.. 2
Caffeine A number of people have used n.n. to replace coffee and stop the caffeine habit. 2
Cancer Enzymes SOD, catalase found in n.n. have been proven to suppress cancerous cells 1
Cancer 4 years of constant pain is completely gone due to n.n.. 2
Cancer, Abdomen To the surprise of her doctor all signs of cancer were gone after 6 months of n.n.. n.n. also helped during chemotherapy. 2
Cancer, Breast Chemotherapy and radiation treatments for inflammatory cancer became tolerable only after taking n.n.. Recovery was faster after each treatment. Cancer was totally healed. 2
Cancer, Colon After cancer operation person was tired and run down. Felt stonger with the addition of n.n. 2
Cancer, Colon Dr. George Malkmus of Hallelujah Acres had a baseball size tumor. In less that one year of raw fruits, vegetables, lots of fresh carrot juice and no animal products, sugar, cooked or processed food the tumor was gone! No sickness of any kind since being on the H.D. (Hallelujah Diet). 3
Cancer, Gastric Cancer vanished after 6 months of n.n.. 1
Cancer, Kidney A 71 year old man was told his kidney would have to be removed. Through the H.D. his body restored his kidney. 3
Cancer, Liver Cancer was stabilized with chemotherapy but tumor is shrinking with n.n.. 2
Cancer, Metastatic Melanoma After being given 6 months a man went on a diet similar to H.D. - he is totally healed and competes in the Michigan Senior Olympics. 3
Cancer of the Throat A man was healed of throat cancer via the H.D. 3
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal Tunnel Syndrome had existed for several years and never occurred again after starting the H.D. 3
Chemotherapy Doctor has seen lessening symptoms in chemotherapy with n.n.. 2
Cholesterol Cholesterol level of 316 was reduced to 183 in 10 days by changing diet and taking n.n. 2
Chronic Tiredness After one week of n.n. a persons endurance has increased. 2
Chronic tiredness Gone after 48 hours of starting with n.n. 2
Cirrhosis Hepatitis (Liver trouble) After 2 months with 5 glasses of n.n. a day. Disease was completely healed. (age 41) 1
Coffee Replacement n.n. works good as a replacement for coffee replacing the acid and caffeine with good nutrition while still giving the body energy. 1
Colds Many people report fewer colds with n.n. usage. -
Colitis Doctor has seen improvement in patients colitis with n.n.. 2
Constipation Use of n.n. stopped a persons constipation. 2
Constipation A 90 year old women used laxatives and suppositories until starting with n.n. and has not need them since. 2
Cramps Leg and feet cramps persisted for many years, they are gone now because of n.n. usage. 2
Degenerative Disc Disease Uses 3 tablespoons of n.n. a day to stop terrible spasms and pain. 2
Dermatitis Dermatitis gone within 1 week of n.n. usage 2
Detoxification Several reports of peoples bodies going through detoxification (cleansing) for as much as several weeks with the start of n.n.. Those who stay with it report very good results and are glad they didn't give it up. -
Diabetes An 85 year old with poor circulation in legs, poor eyesight and depression is now doing much better after several months of n.n.. 2
Diabetes A lady started n.n. at a point when her insulin dosage was going to be increased. Her blood sugar level is now lower and will not have to increase her insulin. 2
Diabetes A diabetic for 30 years reduced his insulin from 100 units twice a day to 40 units twice a day after two months of n.n.. Additionally his eyes have improved and he no longer needs his blood pressure medication. 2
Diabetes Blood sugar was around 425 while taking 20 units of insulin twice a day. In eight weeks of the H.D. insulin was reduced to 10 units once a day and blood sugar is 112 3
Diabetes A reverend was sick for 18 years with diabetes, prostate problems, toxic poisoning, had two heart attacks and a 4 day coma is now in excellent health through the H.D. 3
Diarrhea After one week of n.n., a persons diarrhea was stopped. 2
Digestion A persons troubled digestion improved after one week of n.n.. Fainting, tiredness and gas stopped. Blood pressure decreased. 2
Diverticulitis A woman was able to eat raw vegetables again after two months of n.n. and Carrot juice. 3
Eczema Girls eczema gone after one month with increasing skin beauty after 6 months of n.n. (age 17) 1
Emphysema Doctor has seen improvement in patients emphysema with n.n.. 2
Endurance Rod Murray, tri-athlete from Alberta says "n.n. is fantastic! As a tri-athlete, n.n. has made a phenomenal difference in my endurance and recovery time." -
Energy Many, many people report increased energy and endurance with regular use of n.n.. Numerous cases of Chronically low energy helped or resolved with n.n. usage. 1,2,3
Energy Level Energy level noticeably increased after just a few teaspoons of n.n.. 2
Eye Inflammation Inflammation around and in eyes cleared up with 5 weeks of n.n. 2
Eye Sight A person's eyesight had totally diminished. After one week of raw vegetables, including n.n., sight is being restored. 3
Eyes An every morning occurrence of grit in a mans eyes cleared up in one week of H.D. 3
Facial Lesions Totally healing of facial lesions within 5 1/2 months of n.n. taken both orally and applied as a paste. 2
Fatigue Fatigue, loss of vitality, reduced potency, reversed after 6 months (age 35) of n.n. usage. 1
Fatigue Fatigue left almost instantly with n.n. usage, skin is moist and soft 2
FLU Many people have reported fewer or no FLU even in the midst of constant exposure when using n.n. and/or H.D. 1,2,3
Frozen shoulder This condition cleared up within 8 months of the H.D. 3
Gastritis Woman felt better after one glass of n.n., within a week she was healed. The analgesic Buscopan had not helped. 1
GI Tract Distress A doctor reported substantial improvement in his own condition - Idiopathic Pseudo Bowel Obstruction. n.n. is the only thing that has been able to control the acidity of his GI tract. 2
Hair Growth Several people have reported hair growing again after using n.n.. 2
Hay Fever & Hives Hay fever almost totally gone after 2.5 months of 2 teaspoons of n.n. a day. Hive are now only occasional and very light. 2
Headaches Life long headaches are gone since taking n.n.. 2
Headaches Frequent headaches cleared up with the H.D. 3
Heart Attacks A reverend was sick for 18 years with diabetes, prostate problems, toxic poisoning, had two heart attacks and a 4 day coma is now in excellent health through the H.D. 3
Heart Attacks A man had two heart attacks and doctors were without hope. His health is now perfect through the H.D. 3
Hemorrhoids Gone within one year of raw fruits, vegetables and lots of fresh carrot juice and no animal products, sugar, cooked or processed food. 3
Hemorrhoids Severe Hemorrhoids cleared up through the H.D. 3
Hives Chronic hives left after 3 days of n.n. 2
Hypertension After 1 month of n.n. headaches were gone, after 5 months blood pressure decreased from 230/130 to 160/100. 1
Hypertension Doctor has seen improvement in patients hypertension with n.n.. 2
Hypertension, gout Headaches, weakness, depression and irritability were cleared up in man with n.n. usage. 2
Hypoglycemia Sugar level stays constant with n.n.. 2
Hypoglycemia Gone within one year of raw fruits, vegetables and lots of fresh carrot juice and no animal products, sugar, cooked or processed food. 3
Indigestion Constant indigestion cleared up through the H.D. 3
Inflamed Gums After 5 years of inflamed gums were healed with 5 days of n.n.. 2
Intestinal Cleansing Four days of cleansing took place at the start with use of n.n.. Bowel elimination, fatigue even some pain was present. After four days this person felt better daily. 2
Itching Severe itching that lasted 20 to 30 years stopped with n.n., Carrot juice and improved diet. 3
Kidney Problems Severe kidney problems were eliminated by changing to the H.D. diet. 3
Leukemia Numerous accounts of Leukemia symptoms disappearing as a result of n.n. usage. 2,x
Liver Spots After two months of two teaspoons of n.n. a day all liver spots (old age spots) were gone except one and it was almost gone. (age 69) -
Loose Stools With n.n. a persons stools are normal after years of being loose. 2
Lumps in Breast Lumps shrinking in size after 10 months of n.n. 2
Lupus Woman in Louisiana uses n.n. for quick recovery every time her Lupus flares up email
Lupus Doctor has seen improvement in patients lupus with n.n.. 2
Menopause Doctor has seen lessening symptoms in menopause with n.n.. 2
Mental Instability More mentally stable, quicker to make decisions (age 19) since using n.n.. 1
Migraine Headaches Air traffic controller reported migraine headache occurrence was reduced after only one month of n.n. email
Migraines Migraines decreased in frequency soon after n.n. usage. Migraines later stopped all together. 2
Moles Several moles have dropped off and others are becoming lighter since using n.n. 2
Multiple Sclerosis A pastor crippled by multiple sclerosis has no more symptoms of this disease as a result of the H.D. 3
Nausea Nausea was eliminated with n.n. usage. 1
Near Death After 33 different doctors, six different daily medications and being told to "get his affairs in order", with the use of n.n. a man has a new lease on life no longer requiring any medications or treatment at all. 2
Pain Heart, back and leg pain has stopped after 11 days of n.n., medication had not stopped the pain. 2
Pain Frequent pain in legs so bad he could hardly stand on them - gone after 2 weeks of H.D. Pain only returns if he seriously departs from the diet. 3
Pancreatitis n.n. usage produces outstanding results against this disease 1,2
Peptic Ulcer After 1 month of n.n. appetite improved (age 60) 1
Peptic Ulcer A mans peptic ulcer was healed within 6 months of n.n.. 2
Pets Numerous accounts of pets recovering from such things as arthritis, skin rashes, dragging hindquarters, peritnitis (near death) within several weeks of n.n. usage. 2
pH Level Use of n.n. caused a persons pH level to increase to slightly alkaline and stay there. No other food was able to accomplish this. 2
Pimples Pimples disappeared, rough skin became smooth (age 25) with n.n. usage. 1
Prostate Problems A reverend was sick for 18 years with diabetes, prostate problems, toxic poisoning, had two heart attacks and a 4 day coma is now in excellent health through the H.D. 3
Psoriasis Women overcame psoriasis through the H.D. A 76 year old mans psoriasis is almost gone after 3 months of this diet. 3
Reduced Medication After 3 months of n.n. feldene usage was reduced from daily to once every 3 or 4 weeks 2
Reiter's Syndrome Arthritis After one month taking n.n. three times a day the improvement is 30-40 percent 2
Rheumatoid Arthritis Swelling from rheumatoid arthritis steadily decreasing since starting n.n.. 2
Rheumatoid Arthritis After 23 years of pain, doctors and hospital bills and every kind of medicine found pain swelling and tiredness still abounded. After one month with one teaspoon a n.n. a day (and no medication) swelling and pain are leaving. 2
Rheumatoid arthritis Arthritis is going into remission and energy level has increased with n.n. usage. 2
Severe Diarrhea A woman suffered from diarrhea for 22 months. Medical specialists could not help. Weighing only 78 pounds she was close to death. Then she started using n.n.. She says it saved her life! 3
Severe Indigestion A case of severe indigestion stopped since using n.n.. 2
Shoulder Pain After much testing and therapy shoulder pain still persisted. Pain left within one hour of first usage of n.n.. 2
Shoulder Stiffness Shoulder stiffness was stopped after one month with n.n. (age 50) 1
Sinus Problems Gone within one year of raw fruits, vegetables and lots of fresh carrot juice and no animal products, sugar, cooked or processed food. 3
Sinus Problems Sinus problems that occurred for years stopped after 10 days of n.n.. 3
Skin Complexion Complexion became vivid and fair (age 44) with n.n. usage. 1
Skin Complexion Great improvement since taking n.n. 2
Skin Rashes Numerous accounts of skin rashes clearing up and improved complexion with n.n. usage. 2
Sleep Amount of sleep required is reduced with higher energy levels according to the reports of many people using n.n.. -
Sleepy A man use to get sleepy after lunch, not any more with H.D. He would also fall a sleep within 10 minutes of reading. He can now read for hours with no problem. 3
Spinal Meningitis X-rays revealed severe deterioration of the spine some 30 years after having spinal meningitis. After two years of the H.D. X-rays revealed no deterioration whatsoever. 3
Spurs Spurs on knuckles & knot on wrist vanished within one week of n.n. 2
Stomach Gas After trying everything to release trapped gas, n.n. brought about relief within 10 minutes. 2
Strokes A 68 year old man had two strokes and was partially paralyzed on the left side and his face disfigured came out of it by changing his diet and is till alive at age 93. 3
Swelling Feet A mans swelling feet and ankles are back to normal within 6 months of n.n. usage. 2
Tendonitis n.n. helps ease the pain 2
Tendonitits Ladies tendonitis was stopped with n.n. usage , pain in stiff joint was like needles and pin. 2
Tennis Elbow Within three weeks of three teaspoons of n.n. a day there was no pain and no restrictions. 2
Throat Congestion A women with throat congestion was cured by changing her diet and drinking n.n.. 3
Tongue A persons lacerated tongue healed itself after taking n.n. for a week. 2
Tonsillitis Doctor has seen improvement in patients tonsillitis with n.n.. 2
Toxic Poisoning A reverend was sick for 18 years with diabetes, prostate problems, toxic poisoning, had two heart attacks and a 4 day coma is now in excellent health through the H.D. 3
Ulcer A mans ulcer stopped bothering him with regular n.n. usage. 2
Ulcer, Duodenal n.n. and carrot juice allowed a 71 year old's stomach to be totally healed. 3
Ulcers Numerous accounts of pain being eliminated due to n.n. usage.
Viet Nam Flashbacks A Viet Nam veteran experienced tremendous relief from pain and mental anguish after one month of n.n. usage. He give all the glory to God. 2
Warts After trying a number of other things to get rid of problem warts (including burning them off) they all disappeared within 6 weeks of n.n.. 2
Weight Loss n.n. usage helped woman loose weight (age 65) 1
Weight Loss Lost 30 pounds of excess weight in 6 weeks of H.D. 3
Weight Loss A woman lost 112 pounds within 16 months through the H.D. 3
Weight loss Man lost 50 pounds and feels great through the H.D. Another man lost 50 pounds in two months. 3

H.D. = Hallelujah Diet

Legal Disclaimer

Each mini report listed above is only a short overview of a report that can be found in full in one of the following references.

References: 1 - "Green Barley Essence" by Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, 2 - "Green Leaves of Barley" by Dr. Mary Ruth Swope, 3 - "God's Way to Ultimate Health", by Dr. George Malkmus, 4 - Health & Healing TOMORROW'S MEDICINE TODAY by Dr. Julian Whitaker November 1992 Vol. 2, No. 12

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