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A simple low cost natural approach to healing that has destroyed cancer, unclogged arteries, eliminated arthritis, diabetes, obesity, and multiple sclerosis, stopped ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease in its tracks. improved memory, reduced fatigue and more. These are just a few of the good reports I've heard from a diet of raw fruits and vegetables, Barleygreen and carrot juice and simple exercize. Here is a book that you must get if you or someone you know is fighting sickness or disease. Thousands of people are glad they did.

The following section was printed in Back to the Garden, Issue 12, 1995, a free biannual publication of Dr. George Malkmus and Hallelujah Acres.


The essence of what Dr. George Malkmus has learned in nearly 2O years of research into how God intended our body temples to be nourished and healed has been condensed into a dynamic 280 page book. God's Way to Ultimate Health offers Biblical-based health information supported by modern science and more than 300 testimonials and letters of support from people who prove God's original diet for mankind is still the best way to maintain our health. This book offers a powerful and timely reminder of just how far we have strayed from God's original plan for sustaining our body, which is the temple of Holy Spirit. Complete with Recipes from Rhonda and tips on how to set up your own natural foods kitchen, this big 8.5 x 11 inch book is a manual that can change forever the way people view health and nutrition.

The inception of this book came in 1976 when Rev. Malkmus turned to the diet given to mankind in Genesis 1:29 to cure his colon cancer and other diseases and disorders that had resulted from 42 years of the Standard American Diet. Dr. Malkmus is now in his 60s with more stamina and better health than he had as a teenager. And in God's Way to Ultimate Health you will read the testimonials of people who have duplicated these results by using this God-given diet to heal their own heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, multiple sclerosis and more.

The world needs an alternative to the spiraling health care costs that are bankrupting families and nations while supporting a medical system that has failed disastrously in its purported fight against cancer, heart attacks and other degenerative disease. This book offers a revealing look at the world's way of providing health and nutrition - from processed, unnatural foods and chemical additives to surgery, drugs, radiation and chemotherapy. And this hook offers a simple, common sense alternative which is God's Way to Ultimate Health.

There has never been a book like God's Way to Ultimate Health put into print! If the knowledge from this book were put into use we could practically eliminate sickness from the face of the Earth. We could save so much money in America alone that our national debt could be brought under control. And following God's natural laws could put and end to so much of the misery we and our loved ones face. Prayer meetings could be turned into a time for genuine praise and thanksgiving instead of anguishing over our brothers and sisters who are suffering from disease. If you think these are pie-in-the- sky claims, read this book!

To order "God's Way To Ultimate Health" click here.
Reports from people that have used barley juice and the Hallelujah Diet

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