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Drug companies Against Women??

      Hormone replacement drugs are a huge business for drug companies and unfortunately they are not about to give up their high profit margins on their synthetic counterfeit hormones for the real thing. To them it is a billion dollar business and unfortunately some of them are putting money before Womens Health. There is a saying "actions speak louder than words".... and their actions are speaking clearly. To prove this, the pharmaceutical industry took quick action in attempting to remove natural progesterone cream from the market - so women couldn't easily buy it. Demanding that natural progesterone be classified as a drug. Claiming literature available from companies that sell the cream was too therapeutic. Demanding that the governments require the same rigorous testing for natural hormones that are required for their counterfeit hormone drugs. And even succeeding in getting one government to believe that natural progesterone can cause damage to a fetus - something that only their progestins will do. Countries affected have been Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and England to some extent. Canada responded with classifying progesterone as a drug - essentially making it unavailable to the women of Canada. Australia and New Zealand responded similarly although we have heard that women in Australia can import it in small quantities for personal use. In the USA the government checked out a few companies selling natural progesterone but fortunately went no further.

With all the clinical studies that are being brought to the fore front about the benefits of progesterone and the damaging side effects of progestins time must be short before a showdown occurs. At some point, women will unite to demand that they be treated fairly and to demand restitution for being given counterfeit hormones when the real hormones have been available all along. It is time that drug companies learn that women are more important than their profits. See also Progesterone - No Need For Government Control.

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