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Radiation - Chemotherapy versus Nutritional Healing

There is a major difference between the Radiation - Chemotherapy and drugs method of treating disease and nutritional healing of disease.

The Radiation - Chemotherapy approach focuses on destroying the cancer. In the process of attempting to destroy the cancerous cells good cells are also destroyed and the immune system is weakened. Because of this it is very important to consume the highest quality food possible when taking radiation or chemotherapy treatments. (Raw vegetable juices are the fastest way to nourish the cells and rebuild the body.) Many people (including my own Dad) have died prematurely as a result of the Radiation - Chemotherapy treatment. Radiation - Chemotherapy is such a failure many doctors that prescribe it would never use it for themselves or a family member. Drugs in many cases only focus on relieving the symptoms while the body heals its self. There are a couple cancers that respond quite well to these treatments but be sure to ask about the effectiveness of the treatments. Treatments alone though are not a good solution. If you do not address the cause of the problem, cancer will often return. More than likely the cause is diet related. Over processed, cooked, artificial, preserved, radiated and other altered foods are not good for the body. Not to mention the tons of sugar and animal products folks consume each year

Nutritional healing on the other hand focuses on strengthening the body along with its immune system. Once the bodies cells are strong they can do the job God created them to in healing and restoring itself. In the 1920's research determined that the metabolism of cancerous cells is different than that of healthy cells. Cancerous cells thrive on animal protein and fat whereas body cells thrive on complex carbohydrates. By feeding the body raw vegetables, raw vegetable juices and some raw fruits while withholding all meat and dairy products, cancer cells are often starved while the body is strengthened. When vegetable juices are consumed, up to 92% of the nutrients reach cell level. This is because the pulp has been removed and thus no digestion is necessary. Raw vegetable juices are the fastest way to nourish the cells and rebuild the body. Focusing on high quality juices and nutrition usually has no adverse side affects. Although if the body is toxic enough as a result of diet and/or environment detoxification symptoms could result at first while the body purges the toxins and begins to heal.

While a few good doctors and clinics exist that will promote a stong focus on nutritional many do not believe people are willing to change their diets enough to make it work! Other doctors know very little or nothing about using nutrition to strengthen and restore the body because they typically receive only 2 hours of nutritional training. Many tell patients each day that it doesn't matter what they eat! It is ignorance gone to seed. There is very little money to be made through the use of nutrition so don't expect drug companies or the major media's to spend much time telling you the truth.

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