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Progesterone Deficiency due to Petrochemical Damage

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

     And I can tell you now it's due to petrochemical damage of the ovaries when the female is 14-17 days old in her mom's womb. It's not the damage that she got at age 35, it's the damage she got 8 months before she was even born. That's when the ovaries are most susceptible to petrochemical toxins, insecticides, DDT, and 600-700 others. Things that out gas out of the carpets, things that out gas out of the plastic dashboards and seat covers that you got, things that are now in salad dressing and other low fat foods, things that are in the fish from the great lakes, it's now affected certain animal populations, the whale in the Saint Lawrence seaway , the alligators in lake Apopka FL, the Florida cougar, the turtles, the frogs the toads, the fish in Scotland, the salmon even in the North Sea now are showing it.

     These petrochemicals that we now call xenoestrogens, foreign estrogens, or xenobiotics, foreign to the life of your own cells, these chemicals are all fat soluble, they go into body fat and none are biodegradable. They do not ever get degraded. They end up getting swept out into the channels out into the lakes and the ocean, and they're showing up now in the penguins down in the south pole. In every creature it damages the follicles in the ovaries and the sertoli cells in the testicles. It damages the thyroid hormone's ability to do its work. Plus it can cause cancers throughout the urogenital tract. We have a worldwide epidemic of disease related to progesterone deficiency and I have defined a condition called estrogen dominance that results.

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