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By Age 35 The Typical Woman Is Already Deficient In Progesterone

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

      It became apparent in my practice when I would measure progesterone levels, that progesterone deficiency is very common malady, long before menopause. This is never taught in medical school. No one ever thinks of measuring progesterone levels. They'll say, "well, after 43 or 44 it's harder for you to get pregnant, and you may have periods till you're 55," but they never say "it's harder for you to get pregnant because the ovary isn't making progesterone."

     As shown in the graph below there is essentially very little progesterone made for the first two weeks or so of a women's month and then it rises like a sky rocket to become the dominant hormone during the second half of the month.menstrual hormone cycle And then about on day 26 it falls like a rock. That fall of progesterone is the signal for the uterus to shed the blood that built up. Looking at the Estrogen line you'll see it does not start at zero. You are always making some estrogen. The body always makes some estrogen, even if you were to remove the ovaries the body makes some estrogen. Men make some estrogen, we make it in body fat, so there is always some. But about day 9 or 10, in other words 2 or 3 days before the progesterone, the estrogen rises and peaks just before ovulation when progesterone is rising. Then it falls a little bit, maintains a fair level and then it too falls 2 or 3 days before the period. So this is the surge that is necessary to prepare the uterus to make a nice thick bloody womb lining for the possible pregnancy. But this is an average.

     We have now done tests using saliva hormone assay of the progesterone production in women. In fact this was stimulated by the work of Dr Peter Ellison of Harvard. He has been doing this for the last 6 to 10 years, measuring saliva hormone levels in women and what he finds is that many women might make a surge of progesterone and then before it reaches a peak it falls back down again. Another words the ovary was not able to maintain the progesterone production. Dr Peter Ellison had one study, I recall, he used 19 women their average age was 29. He measured estrogen, and testosterone and progesterone every 2nd day through out their whole cycle for like three cycles. Out of the 19 women, average age 29, 6 of them were not making progesterone. And they all were healthy, they were all having periods, they were all normal, they had all thought they were ovulating and they were already deficient. So it became clear from anybody who studies it that this is an epidemic that 's occurring in women that his surge of progesterone does not match what mother nature intended. So by age 35 the typical women is already deficient in progesterone. This did not happen in previous years, this is a brand new 20th century epidemic.

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