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Estrogen Dominance - What to do

Taken From a transcript of a Seminar by Dr John R. Lee, M.D.

     By the way, Dr. Ellison found the other factor in raising women's estrogen levels higher than normal is the total amount of extra calories we eat in this country. If we look at other countries in the third world, the amount of calories they eat barely matches the amount of physical energy they expend. If you reduce the amount of calories you eat, estrogen levels fall. If you increase the amount of calories you eat in relation to the expenditure, estrogen levels rise.

     So what can you do about it? Pretty simple, you quit overeating, you quit exposing yourself to all the xenoestrogens by eating food that doesn't have all this animal fat in it. ... and a little progesterone was all I neededWhat do we call that food? Veggies! Plant food! We get along fine with plant food. We get all the protein, all the vitamins, all the amino acids, all the minerals, everything comes from plants. All we need is a variety of plants. It doesn't matter. You can eat any particular plant you want as long as you eat a variety. You should eat the whole plant, eat the leaves, stems, stalks, roots, the tubers, the flowers, the fruit, the whole works, and eat them as unprocessed as possible. Eat them the way your grandparents ate their vegetables. They had gardens, they went out and picked them. Okay? Then, if desired, you can have your progesterone measured. The measurement should be the saliva test. I didn't have access to the saliva test in the many years that I've been doing this. I learned to recognize estrogen dominance. It isn't that tough. Anyone, who does this any period of time, they'll pick up on it very easily. The woman herself will know. The best laboratory in the world is the woman's body herself. It's good for PMS which is strictly estrogen dominance. (Natural progesterone cream is excellent for estrogen dominance.)

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